LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Here’s what leadership looks like to me


What does leadership look like to me? Yes, in these times of crisis we need strong leaders. But as a former wildland firefighter trained in incident response, I know good leaders focus on communication and safety. Good leaders use all information available to make hard decisions. Good leaders anticipate problems and search for solutions.

Right now, all data points to us quickly overloading our healthcare system. Minnesota’s Stay-At-Home order and the national social distancing effort is to provide time and relief to front line workers such as healthcare providers, grocery store workers, police and fire, and other critical infrastructure workers.

Not unlike the domestic efforts such as rationing and victory gardens on the homefront of World War I and World War II, it’s our duty for all those who can to shelter in place and stay socially distant. My heart goes out to those of you who are not able to work during this crisis. First, thank you for staying home and staying safe. Second, please know there are several resources out there to help you get through this. The Department of Employment and Economic Development has several resources for you:

To all those essential workers out there, you are true heroes. From the grocery store workers keeping our food supplies going to the doctors serving to keep us healthy.

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