LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get involved and vote for a better government

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Wow, what a difference one year makes with a new administration.

Minnesota has record-level crime, and now it’s “Murderapolis.” The powerful drug fentanyl and other drugs are increasing steadily in Minnesota, along with robberies and carjackings. More lenient law enforcement and sentencing are coming to Minnesota in 2022.

Will Minnesota start looking like California law and order? The liberal mayor of San Francisco has changed her mind about law and order. Crime is out of control and she said more law and order is needed.

Our country has an open border policy at its southern border with an extremely weak immigration policy. Mexican cartels are wealthy from sending illegals and drugs across the border.

Gas prices are more than a dollar a gallon above last year’s prices as a tank of gas costs $15 to $25 more than last year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation is at its highest point since 1982. Some economists are predicting worse inflation in 2022. Labor shortages may be the worst since WWII.


Does the federal government know how to handle COVID? Have the current administration’s policies damaged the education of our youth by endorsing Critical Race Theory curriculum?

Many goods and services are in short supply, if even available. What happened to our supply-side economics? Does China now control our supplies and prescription drugs?

The national debt is near $30 trillion. Interest alone will be a major budget item. The federal government has a poor track record for 2021, so Trump was not the problem.

With the largest election of the decade coming this year, now is the time to correct policies and make improvements at our state and federal levels.

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Get involved in caucuses on Feb. 1, 2022, and vote for a better government.
Parents need to feel confident that their children or grandchildren can attend school safely and not be involved in some tragedy. Many businesses are struggling because of COVID policies and supply shortages.

We need to vote for people who stand for much more conservative policies than what we have now. Minnesota is projecting a $7 billion surplus. Contact your legislators about how to use it before it is spent foolishly. This year can be a huge year for change in government.

Our country deserves better leadership than has been shown in 2021. Vote for candidates who will stabilize our economy, government and law enforcement.


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