LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bible stunt shows Trump’s true colors


On June 1, Trump once again showed himself in his true colors. I am glad to see he has been severely censured by the Washington bishop of the Episcopal Church where he obscenely held up a Bible as though it were a cudgel to beat his political opponents and used the shelter of a church to advance his totalitarian ambitions, as military police imposed his reign of hate, division, racial animus, and White Nationalism upon a group of peaceful protesters gathered in Lafayette Park.

The death of George Floyd, while part of a larger manifestation of America's ingrained racism, has a necessary and inescapable connection to Trump's speech to a convocation of police at which, four years ago, he exhorted them to mistreat suspects during the process of their arrest.

The coronavirus, the economic implosion, the legitimate grief and anger awakened by police brutality chiefly against minorities -- all of these stresses and strains on the American people are exacerbated by Trump as national tragedy and human suffering become an opportunity for him to further divide our nation and deepen its wounds for the sake of his own political gain.

The goons who took over the Michigan State House, the plutocrats who profit from his tax cuts while hunger, disease, and lack of health care bedevil the American public, the Nazis who marched in Charlottesville, the deniers of scientific method and professional expertise, the mega-church and evangelical hypocrites who worship a narrow-minded God of blood and soil and unforgiving vendetta -- as remote as can be imagined from the God of the golden rule, the peacemakers, and the Good Samaritan -- are part and parcel, along with every Republican who supports him, of a constituency which seems to have left their humanity and their minds behind.

Unless America wakes up and repudiates, in terms equal to the dangers we face, both Trump and his demoralized party of boneless lickspittles, then the horrors we are now witnessing will be as nothing compared to the horrors that are to come.

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