LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A dissenting view of the Bemidji abortion rights rally

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The Bemidji Pioneer's May 16 article entitled "Rally held in Bemidji to support abortion rights" is worthy of comment.

The article begins with a photo of six individuals holding up four signs with three messages. The middle two signs read "My body, my choice" and "Women's bodies women's choice!"

To assume or declare the mother and preborn child are the same body is biologically and medically erroneous. Blood and DNA tests are simple examinations.

Consider an O+ (39% of the world's population) mother with an A+ (27% of the world's population) preborn child. If an O+ mother was to have an A+ blood transfusion, the results would be fatal.

Even a one-ounce merger of the two blood systems (mother and preborn child) would cause the bursting of indigenous blood cells leading to low blood pressure and possible life-ending kidney failure.


The DNA test will demonstrate that the preborn child possesses 50% DNA from the mother and 50% from the father. The two blood systems and DNA results demonstrate biogenetic distinctiveness and individuality. It's not "my body, my choice."

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Another sign reads, "Abortion is health care." To some, abortion is the solution for any reason up to the scheduled preborn child's birthday.

Yet, to the preborn child, abortion is a mandatory death sentence. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion doctor, performed hundreds of late-term abortions beyond the extent of Pennsylvania law.

In 2013, he was convicted of several murders after delivering live breathing babies and then cutting their spinal cords with scissors causing death. Gosnell may be an outlier, but that was not health care.

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The last sign reads, "No uterus No opinion." I find this type of belittling, exclusion and censorship egregious.

Although I do not support biologically-born males competing in women's athletics (wasn't that the purpose of Title IX?), I wonder how Lia Thomas would react to "no uterus, no opinion?"


Instead of censorship, we should welcome all sorts of dialog, including that with the May 14 protesters. Everyone has a God-given right to be heard.

As a local commencement speaker recently remarked, "Speak up for those who cannot or will not speak for themselves..." I am trying to do so.

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