A sad, new realization has come to me recently. It really is a small world after all. Figuratively and literally.

In a matter of seconds we can zoom via the internet to another country. Honestly, how sad is this? We have little left to explore, which is the problem. We have no more wonders left that intrigue us.

We have so much time on our hands now that we are left to explore ourselves or the environment immediately around us. Why is this a problem? Because we nitpick and overanalyze everything.

Things that have worked for years are now not good enough merely because we are bored and need a change. Yes, good things can come from change but only in the right frame of mind.

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To change for the sake of change or to appease naysayers is often a complete disaster. The change wasn't brought on by necessity but for the sake of unhappy people needing to finger point and nitpick.

Seriously, people need to stop overthinking and find their own happiness and pleasure before trying to bring down others to their level. What good does any of that do? You just make more people unhappy and then they start to nitpick and the cycle starts over and over and turns into a giant snowball effect. Which then just creates a giant snowstorm and on and on the cycle goes.

Please people, can you just find your own happiness? Find something to enjoy and explore without causing chaos to anyone else's lives? Whatever happened to "do unto others"? Not an eye for an eye.

Find a new hobby. Go somewhere you have never gone or been to in a while. Reconnect with friends and family. Do something outside of yourself that brings you joy.

Stop trying to bring others down just because what you have found inside yourself doesn't make you happy. We need more human kindness.

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