This past week, it appears the Line 3 pipeline opponents took their protests on the road and headed to our nation’s capital, bringing with them the chaos that we have been seeing in Minnesota for the last year. The entire week was like a bad accident you couldn’t look away from.

Every day, protesters took things even further, highlighting their desperation and angst. They sprayed historic statues around the city. They made a circus in front of the White House. They marched and shut down streets. They stormed federal buildings, forced doors open and overtook them for a “peaceful sit-in.”

Our country is founded on the freedom to speak your mind, but these antics are not what our founding fathers had in mind. The pipeline protesters are too far gone from making their voices heard.

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It is clear these Line 3 protesters continue to refuse to accept the facts. The main one being they are screaming and yelling about a project that is already complete.

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Unless these pipeline opponents are simply trying to get us all to forget the project is complete, they are completely misguided in their baseless efforts to “stop” a completed project.

It is unfortunate Washington D.C. had to go through what Minnesota has gone through. We all deserve better.

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