I wish to congratulate Superintendent Tim Lutz on keeping us informed of the status of the District 31 school referendum. Good job!

However, all over the country, public schools are facing great difficulties. Not because of financial problems, but because of curriculum content. Parents are learning that our schools have become infested with Marxism and are teaching it to our children.

Before we vote to more than double our financial contribution to our public school system, we need to know what our money is buying. Mr. Lutz has told us repeatedly that we need new buses, better equipment, more teachers, etc. But never once has he told us what our schools are teaching our children and grandchildren.

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Every parent and/or voter should contact the school system directly before deciding how they wish to vote on the referendum. We need to know if our schools are teaching Critical Race Theory and/or other Marxist beliefs to our kids. It's as simple as that.

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Of course, if you wish your children to be taught socialism in school, then you have the right to vote as you wish. I, for one, have lived through the Cold War battle against communism. It is not a pretty thing and I am opposed to paying for it to be taught to our kids and grandkids. At any level of education.

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