Another day, another lie by radical environmentalists who oppose the Line 3 project. Recently, I have seen the pipeline protesters take aim at this project’s impact on the environment, and while doing so, opponents are making up stories and telling half-truths to try to gain support for their side.

I am frustrated by the notion that you cannot be for the Line 3 pipeline project AND support protecting the environment. That is why I felt it was time to speak out.

I would argue that by supporting this project, you are also making sure we continue to protect our beautiful forests, lakes and streams across the 14 counties the Line 3 pipeline travels through.

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This project is not being done simply to make the pipeline look better or “just because.” It is being done because there is an incredible need to fix and replace the existing pipeline.

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Think of any part of our infrastructure that goes relatively untouched for 60 years. Do you expect it would be running properly, efficiently and safely? Or, would you expect that if it remained untouched, it would likely deteriorate further and cause risk to the people and environment surrounding it?

This pipeline project is being done to protect the environment. It will address pipeline vulnerabilities to prevent future spills. It will increase the capacity to get dangerous oil off trucks and trains that pose risks to our communities and our families.

Don’t believe pipeline opponents who try to make it seem this project is about greed and hatred. This project is about safety and protecting our environment, and always has been.

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