Pipeline protesters often make things up to try to get more people to oppose the Line 3 pipeline replacement. So, to help you decide for yourself, I wanted to share the counterpoints to their misinformation.

Despite their claims, stopping Line 3 will not impact climate change. The reality is that most emissions are from using oil and not from transporting oil. Without the pipeline, we would have to use more trains and trucks to transport oil that would have a significant increase on emissions compared to a pipeline.

So, in this day and age, with the demand for oil as high as it is, it’s crucial we utilize the safest and most efficient way to transport oil and that is via pipeline.

Another claim is that Line 3 will negatively impact our lakes, streams or even the Mississippi River. The truth of the matter is that by replacing the pipeline in this capacity, the possibility of leaks will be significantly reduced and the need for regular maintenance will decrease, offering fewer disruptions to our environment.

Even the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency agrees that necessary safeguards are in place to ensure water quality standards are met.

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Lastly, calls for an additional Environmental Impact Study ignores the extensive process that has already been followed. The Line 3 pipeline project is the MOST studied pipeline in our state’s history.

Over six years, there were more than 70 public meetings, 3,500 meetings engaging our communities, all communicating with regulators continually standing behind this project, its research and efforts.

There are two sides to every story, but when it comes to the Line 3 pipeline project, I choose to ignore the pipeline opponents and instead stand with the presidential and governors’ administrations, the state and federal agencies, and the courts who back Line 3. You should too.

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