The Line 3 pipeline replacement project has been a long time coming and now, as we near the end of 2021, the project is close to being done.

The decision to replace this pipeline was made by the Obama/Biden Administration to protect the environment and make sure our energy infrastructure stayed strong.

This started the six-year-long review process to make sure the project delivered on the goal of protecting the environment and making sure we have a safe way to transport oil.

More than 5,500 workers have been hired for this project. As they have traveled throughout the 14 counties along the pipeline route since construction began last December, these workers have helped revitalize our struggling communities in northern Minnesota.

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Additionally, protecting the environment is a mainstay of this project in the first place. Without moving forward to replace the crumbling 60-year-old pipeline, our lakes, rivers and forests would be at great risk.

Prioritizing the need to protect our beautiful surroundings and taking steps to maintain them for generations to come should be applauded.

Even the latest data from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency agrees. A recent report states that the highest water quality in Minnesota is where Line 3 is being rebuilt.

I am grateful that this project has come together and been so successful in the goals of creating jobs and protecting the environment. This is a project that we can celebrate for years to come.

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