Line 3 pipeline protesters continue to amaze me, but not in a good way.

Construction on this replacement project began at the end of 2020 and ever since then, pipeline opponents have conducted weekly -- sometimes daily -- protests against this project. They have built camps, recruited out-of-town troublemakers and continuously requested money on social media to pay for their illegal protests and activities.

I will give some credit to the pipeline opponents who have tried to stop Line 3 through the courts. But they failed again and again.

What amazes me is that these protest groups refuse to face the facts. They continue to ignore reality and what their elected leaders and government officials tell them and instead rail against a project that is nearly complete.

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They are clearly aiming for headlines and stunts, highlighting their hypocrisy if nothing else. They fly in celebrities and encourage thousands to travel -- using tons of gas -- from all over the country.

I even heard that a car they used as a prop in a recent protest leaked oil all over -- oil that was not cleaned up by the protesters who claim to be looking to prevent oil spills.

I would guess they are trying to figure out which project to protest as their next meal ticket, but in the meantime, they should leave our state and stop their ridiculous antics.

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