While I agree with some things in Jim Sparke’s letter published Sept. 8 lamenting the problems with our educational system, the writer needs to stick to the evidence or facts and not what they may have heard from a dubious source.

A judge who chastised the attorneys in one of the 63-plus lawsuits seeking to overturn the election said, and I’m paraphrasing, “Evidence is not what your sister said, who heard it from a friend, who saw it on Facebook.”

As far as a high school grad not being able to sign his name, the Minnesota legislature along with the Department of Education has standards and assessments as well as requirements for graduation. That is a fact and not some rumor.

There are some stricter ones that are being phased in over the next few years but the current standards require writing skills beyond the ability to write one's name beginning in early elementary grades.

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Many of the current problems alluded to have origins predating 2021. People tend to fault a sitting president for too many things. While some criticism of the current educational system is valid, those denying the legitimacy of the election are products of systems generations earlier.

Some are also part of the same demographic who, along with the former president, believed that Vice President Pence could overturn the election last January. Even as recently as last month they believed that President Biden would be removed from office and former President Trump could be reinstated. Where were they when civics was being taught?

The writer also used the analogy that animals do not allow themselves to be led by the dumbest of the herd. Jan. 6 was a prime example of people following someone that animals might not have. Since then there have been countless more examples of people following less than intelligent persons. We continue to see denials about the legitimacy of the election from our elected officials.

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