Oh my. Do you know the difference between animals and humans? The animals would never allow the dumbest of the herd, or pack, to lead them.

We are seeing this truth play out every day, particularly since the beginning of 2021. This truth is seen from the very top of our leaders, right down to the local school boards, all across this great nation, that until now, had no equal.

It appears as though my founding education in a one-room country schoolhouse, led by a single young schoolmarm who taught all grades, first to eighth, was better grounded in the foundation of true education.

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A recent high school graduate was asked to sign his name on a document. He was unable to do so. Apparently, he had to ask his father to sign for him. He had not learned to write. Unbelievable. I really hope this information that was given to me was in error.

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Pray for us, and all the people in Afghanistan who Joe left behind.

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