I was disgusted to see the antics by pipeline protesters during their events in St. Paul last week.

I’ll admit, things started out peaceful and compelling. These groups obtained permits, erected teepees, and held peaceful protests on the capitol lawn for a number of days.

Then things soured as quickly as they began.

When their permits expired and they were asked to depart due to another event that was scheduled to be held at the Capitol, pipeline opponents refused to leave. They got aggressive and claimed they were holding a peaceful ceremony (without valid permits). So, police were forced to act.

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These opposition groups clearly knew they needed permits as they knew enough to get them in the first place. So why did they get upset with first responders did their jobs and cleared the space for the next group? I guess it should come as no surprise as they often turn their ire to police when they don’t get their way.

Once removed from the Capitol, these protesters were even more enraged and emboldened and chose to continue their defiance to the nearly completed Line 3 pipeline project by heading to the Governor’s Mansion.

There, protesters swarmed the residence, locked themselves to the gate and caused a ruckus. This is where our state’s highest office holder lives. Now, it’s one thing to be upset at the governor and share your displeasure with his actions or policies. But to have hundreds of angry, disgruntled protesters come so aggressively at the home of our state’s governor is completely unacceptable.

The time to challenge and stop the Line 3 pipeline project is over. And it is time for this chaos to end.

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