After a trying and troubling 2020, 2021 has been a bright light for many of us, and we’ve learned to embrace the positive events and projects that are happening around us. One of those projects I want to highlight today is the Line 3 pipeline replacement project.

Following years and years of environmental studies, permitting and meetings, construction work is now underway to fix the nearly 60-year-old Enbridge pipeline. Construction is almost 60% complete, and we have been blown away by the benefits we are already seeing.

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Elected officials, business owners and members of our communities alike have recognized the increase in visitors we have had through Bagley in part because of the over 5,000 Line 3 pipeline workers who are working on this project. We are seeing increased sales at our local businesses and more friendly faces on the streets.

Enbridge is investing in our communities, and their workers are becoming part of our communities. I cannot express the extent of our gratitude for this project and its positive impact on our town after a tough year. Go Line 3!

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