Regarding Karl Kaufman's dire letter published April 17 on imminent gun control instituted by Democrats, one line really scared me. Under Democrats "The majority of people own a firearm that would be illegal . . . [and hence make us criminals] due to having a magazine of more than ten shots."

Mr. Kaufman warns that these would include "deer rifles and many semi-automatic shotguns for duck hunting, pheasant hunting and more." Yikes! I immediately rushed to my gun safe and checked the half-dozen long guns I own for deer, bird hunting, and varmints.

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Whew! To my relief, none could hold more than five shots (standard for shotguns and most deer rifles, too). You had me worried there for a minute, Mr. Kaufman!

I do, however, have one weapon that holds about 200 rounds, a Daisy BB gun. I suppose I should hide it? You never know when the Democrats might be coming for our guns.

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