I continue to be amazed by pipeline/fossil fuel opponents and their willingness to tarnish our nation’s energy infrastructure and the crucial role it plays in our everyday life.

Despite continually using oil and fuel throughout their protest camps and caravans, pipeline protesters also spew lies and half-truths to try to win supporters for their side.

Now, Line 3 pipeline opponents are using President Biden’s decision to halt the Keystone XL as their ammo against the Line 3 pipeline replacement project. The thing is, these two projects are very different, and should not be compared.

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The Keystone pipeline was a proposed pipeline project and does not currently exist. Line 3, on the other hand, was built in the 1960s and has been aging rapidly ever since. Under the Obama and Biden administration, it was agreed that Line 3 is in desperate need of repair, and after more than six years of public meetings, environmental studies and permits, construction is underway.

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The Line 3 replacement project is necessary because without it the likelihood of spills, busted pipes or other dangerous situations is high. It seems odd that pipeline opponents would rather have an old, decrepit pipeline remain as is than allow for steps to be taken that will benefit Minnesota’s environment and people for generations to come.

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