I am one of those people opposing Enbridge's new Line 3 pipeline who were discredited in the letters to the editor by Bernie Uran and Gary Platt on Feb. 13. Both of these writers don't seem to understand the urgent need to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

It is well known that changes in our climate contributed to the massive wildfires seen last year in California and in other places.

Other severe problems brought on by climate change include an increase in severe storms, heavier flooding, and more extensive droughts. It is also well known that the greenhouse gases produced by the use of fossil fuels are responsible for bringing about these changes in our climate.

There is no question that we need to quickly switch to clean energy sources and greatly reduce the use of fossil fuels. If we don't do this, the damage to our planet from climate change will continue to increase beyond what we have already seen.

We can't have companies like Enbridge moving ahead with projects like new Line 3 that support continued use of fossil fuel if we are serious about protecting our planet.

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Switching from fossil fuel as an energy source to clean energy sources will require considerable effort. I'm sure that we won't need to replace our cars with horses for transportation. Electric vehicles and improved public transportation are some of the ways I think we can avoid doing that.

If we are serious about replacing fossil fuels as an energy source with clean energy, I think there are many ways we can find to get it done.

I hope that Bernie and Gary will look more closely at the reasons for opposing new Line 3 and change over to helping stop it instead of opposing those who are against it.

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