Some recent Bemidji Pioneer letters show pro-Line 3 folks out of touch with reality as they drink the Enbridge kool-aid. Tom Burford referencing that UMD study on jobs -- discredited as an Enbridge promotion -- was a great example of how Enbridge has convinced them with purchased deception.

Every half-page ad of Enbridge propaganda pulls the media and their readers further into their enclave. It’s hard to bite the hand that feeds, especially as so many find themselves with fewer and fewer resources.

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I’ll reflect in the manner demonstrated by Gary Platt in his letter on Feb. 13.

Think about the fish you loved eating from Big LaSalle. Think about the forests you remember along County 2. Think about the maple syrup that you used to gather, but that recent years have been less accessible with deep snow. Think about the growing season we had in 2019 when Big Ag seed producers sold 37% less seeds and, even though we planted them, we had 37% less production in that same year. A sign of the 2020 twin year that heralded big changes to our way of life?

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Think about the ever-shrinking carbon budget that remains until the planet will no longer provide temperatures at which humans can function. Think about the 120-degree plus days already being experienced. Think about the many places that will be underwater as the glaciers continue to melt, now that arctic seas are no longer freezing as they once did.

Not so sure how many “nice days” remain.

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