This is not being submitted to protest protesters. Please, protest all you wish. It is your right. And you are correct that the global population needs to move forward with new energy sources. But for the love of family and friends please protest safely.

Statistics show heavy construction is a dangerous occupation, and the danger grows exponentially during the winter, for even the professionals who work around heavy construction sites on a daily basis.

Every company related to pipeline construction has safety manuals as thick as a James Michener novel and those employed must follow safety guidelines to the letter. The Enbridge Contractor Safety Program that contractors must follow is approximately 250 pages thick. The OSHA Construction Industry Regulations 29 CFR 1926 is over 500 pages thick, as is OSHA 1910.

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Work taking place on pipeline construction sites is a well choreographed process guided by safety. When visitors are on site there are strict safety guidelines to follow and the number one rule is that visitors must have required personal protection equipment, basic onsite safety training and have an onsite representative escort with them at all times. Construction companies do not want ANYONE to get hurt and that includes protesters.

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Pipeline protesters, when you do some of things that have been reported in the daily news, you are not following even the most basic safety guidelines and eventually one of you is going to get seriously injured or killed. Yes, these actions bring attention to the cause and make for good print.

Unfortunately injuries, deaths and obituaries listing family members left behind, who were hoping you would come home that evening, are printed as well. If you have children at home they will be waking up in the morning asking where mommy or daddy is.

Protest leaders, please, at the very least, have your people stay back a minimum of 50 feet from everything on pipeline construction sites. Leaders, if you are determined to let individuals do something unsafe, make sure their actions will have been honorable to those they leave behind should something go horribly wrong for the individual.

Don’t let a blatant disregard for even the most basic of safety rules become your protest legacy.

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