I appreciated the recent letter by Robert Stanton (published on Page A4 on Jan. 23) explaining the vital, comprehensive role which petroleum plays in daily life.

Wind powered turbines, as well as solar panels, are touted as the replacement for coal fired electric generating plants. Wind turbines have huge fiberglass-composite blades which have a useful life of perhaps 15 years, and massive amounts of those spent blades are being landfilled in western North Dakota and other states like Wyoming and Montana. In Europe, they are disposed of by burning.

Wind turbines are programmed to shut down if the temperature dips below -20 degrees, or if wind speeds exceed 40 miles per hour. Solar cells in this often cloudy, cold area with a low wintertime sun angle are of minimal power output. Just when you need them, they aren’t there.

You need a dependable energy source for the base load electric generation, and that has been coal. Now, due to much furor, coal fired plants are going offline, and apparently, natural gas fired generating facilities will replace them?

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The United States has great reserve supplies of natural gas but a vast system of pipelines is needed for distribution, and it is still an integral part of the oil and fossil fuel industry.

As the writer noted, there is an amazing disregard and/or ignorance by the anti-pipeline anarchists/protesters about how our advanced civilization really works.

If carbon emissions into the atmosphere are the culprit in affecting a change in climate, then these misguided folks should be advocating FOR nuclear powered generating plants, with nearly zero carbon emissions. There is also a legislative initiative in Minnesota to ban copper and nickel mining. Try building any generator, electric motor or power lines without copper and aluminum!

Solar cells which track the sun and earth movement, and wind turbines have a legitimate role to play as supplemental energy sources, but with all of the mandates and subsidies for those sources. I don’t think we’ve begun to see the REAL cost of their usage. The “Green New Deal” is smoke, mirrors, and fuzzy thinking by impractical people.

Replacing Line 3 is part of our needed national infrastructure. The evil Russian leader, Mr. Putin and even more so, the leaders of China are reassured by these assaults upon such projects, as ESPECIALLY the Chinese, utilize every means to exploit and undermine the United States.

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