I was very pleased to see that at least one person read my letter in the Pioneer published on Page A4 of the Jan. 23 edition. It was also very educational to find out how stupid, uneducated, uninformed and brain washed I am after 81 years of life. I appreciate that being pointed out to me. I will try to do better. Maybe I could use my GI Bill to go back to the U of M to finish my advanced degrees.

I did not intend to cloud the argument of bad behavior or the bad behavior of some members of Congress, along with some folks in power of the FBI, and other institutions of the Federal Government.

I may be wrong, but all I was pointing out was that some of the folks that barged their way into the Capitol building may have been angry over the antics conducted by some folks in power. Insurrection? Overthrowing the government? Not on your life.

If I wanted to design the worst insurrection in the history of the world, it would have looked like this event. They are a bunch of nitwits and will be dealt with by the authorities. I hope the same action will be taken to round up the peaceful protesters that burned down buildings and ruined the lives of many small business owners last year in Minnesota and around the country. All in the name of righteous causes.

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It is still my strong belief that the vilification of the lady who wrote the piece about her trip to Washington boarded on bullying. She wrote about what she saw and how she felt. How is that wrong? I believe she is a proud American, and I would be humbled to stand beside her. I believe the title at the top of this page is "Opinion."

You’re right, I didn’t read the Mueller Report nor the Republican-led Senate Report, that apparently documents Trump's wrongdoing. I took a shortcut and saw that Trump was still the president and working everyday. When he left the White House, Marines still extended a smart hand salute to him. That was good enough for me.

I also mentioned that I was never a fan of Trump, nor wished to be his buddy. I voted for him twice because I considered the alternatives to be a disaster for the country. It appears as though we now have a king who is governing by decree that is to be posted in the town square each day.

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