The injustice for victim's in our justice system needs to change. As the mother of Ayven Jayce Shepard, who was murdered by Timothy Lundberg, I can say that the justice system has failed us. It has failed me as the victim/victim's mother, Ayven's family, and our community.

Once Timothy was sentenced to 17 years with five years parole, we were assured of the rights I had as the victim/victim's mother. We were assured that I would be notified of any changes for Timothy. We were told there would be a parole hearing when and if he was eligible and that date would be in July 2021. Well the system failed us.

I was never notified when he was transferred from St. Cloud prison to Faribault prison and then to Stillwater prison. Most currently I was not notified that as of Jan. 5, 2021 he was out of prison on a pre-release program with the Department of Corrections called work release. He is placed at a halfway house instead of prison. As long as he complies he will then transition to supervised release. (At that point he could come back around Bemidji, which I'm fearful of).

I've also been informed there will be no parole hearing like we were originally told. How is any of this justice for the victims? I've contacted four different agencies/units so far and this is the information I've received. No answers as to why my victim rights were ripped from me.

We need to see a change in our justice system so that victims rights are made a higher priority and given more importance!