Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project began in late 2020. The thousands hard at work building it have already made significant progress. The burst of activity across northern Minnesota is encouraging to see. After last year, it’s really special to see something move forward that brings so many positive things with it.

Building such large infrastructure takes a variety of talent at every stage of the project, doing different types of work. From clearing, to excavating, to welding, to countless other aspects of the work, it all takes a high level of skill and professionalism. The workers take what they do very seriously and many of them train for years to do the work.

My employees and I are proud to have the opportunity to work on such an important project. It crosses our entire state and is improving communities along that entire path as it boosts local economies while leading to a much safer pipeline.

Playing a role in this work is not a responsibility we take for granted. We train our team to treat the communities we work in with respect, and it makes me proud to watch that happen.

Line 3 is bringing positive change, and that positive impact isn’t just in an economic sense. The presence of such hard-working men and women who are here, treating our communities with respect and demonstrating that progress can be made in northern Minnesota gives our region hope. Let’s let the important work of this project continue.

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Dave McCollum, Bemidji, is the president of Naylor’s Heating & Refrigeration.