In reference to your Jan. 9 commentary, (published on Page A4) I’m sorry Ms. Thooft but you are as culpable as the rest of the “mob” for succumbing to the virulent words of the president and as you naively went to Washington to “see for yourself” and as you walked around the Capitol grounds and went to find a biffy, your comrades were invading the Capitol of the United States, smearing feces, stealing items, beating a cop to death, terrorizing fellow citizens, breaking windows and more.

You do not get a pass on this. You should have known better, you should have rationalized the incendiary words of the president, you should have opened your eyes to current affairs, you should have swapped your prayers for some real thought as to what the present reality is.

If I thought you were young, I’d tell you to grow up. Remember there were 7,059,741 more folks who wanted Biden than the 73 million who voted for Trump in November 2020, whether you or others like, understand or accept this or not.

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