Recently on the Almanac television show that is broadcast across Minnesota, Winona LaDuke made many offensive claims. Several are so offensive that they should not be shared.

One of the other things she claimed was that all she wanted was peace, and to slow the spread of COVID-19. She also said she had no control over protests to come; she was just an influential member of this community.

If that is the case why doesn’t she call for people not to protest this project and instead stay home and quarantine?

If people respect her like she thinks they do, they should stay home and try to stop the spread of this deadly virus. This project was approved by the state through a fair process. Why don’t we just let it go and move forward?

The answer to this should be that Winona LaDuke accepts the results and helps make sure Minnesota remains peaceful.

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I wish that would happen, but I am concerned that this will not be the case. Winona and those who oppose this project only care about “the greater good” when things go their way.

They only care about the state of Minnesota when the state is doing what they want. If Winona LaDuke really did care for the state she would accept that the process worked and allow construction to safely happen.