Recently there have been several protests in northern Minnesota in opposition to Enbridge’s Line 3 replacement project.

One was held right after the recent decision by the Department of Natural Resources to grant two of the final permits needed for Line 3 to begin construction. Maybe it is just me, but I truly don’t understand why these protests continue to happen.

The state took the most time it has ever taken on any utility project to review the Line 3 replacement. It has also shown a fair amount of deference to opponents throughout the project.

Line 3 has been reviewed countless times, but each time it has been approved. This is because Enbridge has worked hard to make sure it reaches all state guidelines. This is also because we still need oil, and no matter how hard people try to convince us otherwise, the demand for this

oil, transported safely, will continue for the considerable future.

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We need to start looking at things objectively. We need to start construction on this project because it will put thousands to work, it will help our economy, and it will protect our environment. This project will also ensure that we have a reliable source of oil.

The process has been followed. The decisions to issue permits are being made according to that process. If someone wants to protest that decision and make their voice heard again, fine -- just stand off to the side and not in the way of those who are working on this project.