The Line 3 replacement project has been approved over and over by the Public Utilities Commission. The PUC is the state agency whose job it is to review and approve projects like Line 3 in Minnesota. Generally, when they approve a project it doesn’t take five years to get that project started. In normal times the PUC is not legally challenged by other state agencies.

These are clearly not normal times. The Line 3 replacement project has now become the most studied project of its kind in the history of our state, making the case for it beyond bulletproof. That is why opposition has resorted to using arguments you would never hear for any other project.

So, let's reiterate some reasons why this project is necessary: It has been proven safe beyond reasonable doubt. The state has spent years researching and making sure the approved route is safe. The approved route is already a current utilities corridor. The market projections on oil use shows that we still need oil which makes sense because everyone still uses oil in hundreds of different capacities on the daily. The safety of a new line is far greater than that of the old line, and oil transportation by pipeline is by far safer than using rail or truck.

Now I could go on about how this pipeline is necessary and give even more reasons, but I think you get the point. It is time to stop playing games and approve this project. It is what is best for our state's economy, environment, and its people. Let's get our state back to work and build Line 3.

John Gerbracht is the owner of JAG Body Shop in Bagley.