The Sept. 30 letter to the editor, “Is the Line 3 pipeline needed?” listed reasons the author believes the pipeline is no longer needed, and that “the press has done a poor job of informing us about it.”

His arguments are a bit of a stretch. There’s a saying: “You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.” I think that applies here.

His very first claim -- that the project will create “a total of 2,100 temporary jobs for two years” -- is inaccurate, calling his interpretation of other numbers into question. The project will actually create twice that many good-paying union jobs.

From there, most of the argument is just the political opinions of the author -- that America shouldn’t seek to be energy independent, that America should be blamed for failed socialism in Venezuela, that America is trying to start a war with Iran.

The letter concludes “Solar cells and wind are where the jobs of the future are being created,” but doesn’t give any indication of how we’ll be powering cars or manufacturing replacements for thousands of petroleum-based products out of the sun and wind anytime soon. It’s not that easy to just dismiss the reality that the demand for oil will still continue for decades to come.

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The facts are simple:

  1. Line 3 has been transporting oil from the same source since the 1960s.
  2. This oil will be transported no matter what (if not by pipeline, by train and truck), and a pipeline is the safest way to move it.
  3. Replacing this aging infrastructure with the newest technology will bring a $2.6 billion private investment to Minnesota, creating thousands of jobs.

Those are facts. My opinion is that starting this project now is a no brainer and there’s no need to overcomplicate the matter with unrelated leftist ideology.

Steve Giorgi is the executive director of Range Association of Municipalities and Schools in Mountain Iron, Minn.