The Enbridge Line 3 pipeline has become a big issue and the press has done a poor job of informing us about it.

Enbridge is a Canadian company with plans to bring the worst polluting oil there is from Alberta. Stretching 1,097 miles to Superior, Wis. with 13 miles in North Dakota, 337 miles in Minnesota, and 14 miles in Wisconsin.

A total of 2,100 temporary jobs for two years will be created. This will benefit some people, the rest of us will have to pay much higher gasoline prices, because it costs $55 to $85 to produce oil from oil sands.

Standard oil wells can make a profit at $30 a barrel. The low price made many fracking oil companies go bankrupt. It cost over $40 a barrel to produce it.

Our government is trying to get oil prices above $40 per barrel so our fracking companies can stay in business. Is it right for us to cause the deaths and hardships of millions of people living in Venezuela to increase oil prices? How much money and lives did we waste for our 20 years in Iraq and Syria. Now we are trying to get a war with Iran to keep their oil off the market.

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We have created millions of refugees with our wars and now we are afraid of letting any of them into our country to resettle since they might want to take revenge for the killing of their wives and children.

Our wars also reduced the money needed to improve our infrastructure, so we are no longer competitive with China and they will soon replace us as the world's leading economic power.

Alberta's oil sands are far worse for carbon emissions and its effect on the environment.

Many people believe President Trump when he says that global warming is a hoax, but how can anyone deny it is happening when you see the increasing fires in the West, the more and stronger hurricanes in the South, or the melting ice in the Arctic. How much does it cost to replace all the homes lost and lives ruined by these disasters? He relaxed pollution requirements for the use of coal yet no coal jobs have come back.

Solar cells and wind are where the jobs of the future are being created. Line 3 is not needed now and will be needed even less in the future.