In the past two weeks several gross, obscene, offensive, indecent and inappropriate political signs messaging Gov. Walz have been posted in my neighborhood in Maple Bay/Mentor, Minn. as well as along U.S. Highway 2. I believe the image is so offensive that it probably cannot be published in your newspaper so that your readers can fully understand exactly what I am referring to.

As I observed the signs and recognized what the gross image represented, I was ashamed to say I am a Minnesotan. Our children’s school buses will be passing by these deplorable signs. Do we want our children learning to disrespect leadership and authority in this gross manner?

Signs like these have been popping up all over Minnesota. A friend saw a massive one on the way to Bemidji. It is not only a crude, ill-mannered way to get a message across, but it is just disrespectful to the neighborhood and the people living there.

Decency and courteous discourse matter, especially in this extraordinary time. Regardless of political affiliation, we have to respect each other as well as the duly elected leadership of our great state of Minnesota. We can disagree with each other and elected officials as to policies, but do it respectfully with words rather than graphic images...Please.

Shame, shame on the fools who created, produced and posted these filthy signs. Your parents raised you better than this and I hope you’re raising your own children better than this.

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I believe an apology is due to all Minnesotans and then tell us what you are protesting in clear, professional wording.