I enjoy reading letters to the editor that appear on a fairly regular basis in the Bemidji Pioneer. However, an Aug. 26 letter by a person who is associated with some sort of faith organization contained just too many questionable or unsubstantiated statements for me to swallow.

For example, the writer stated that "many spiritual and religious traditions signed and delivered a letter to state officials expressing deep concern about the deployment of law enforcement to respond to peaceful protests in support of the environment and indigenous rights."

I must ask where she gets this information and does she have actual numbers and figures? I doubt it. She further wrote that "when our law enforcement agencies strategize behind closed doors it implies an escalation of police tactics that will violate international rights and standards."

Wow. How in the world can she even suggest that when our fine women and men in blue who are out there protecting us and promoting peace are also somehow possibly strategizing tactics that "will violate international rights and standards." I mean this is a real stretch. To her I say, "C'mon, get a life!"

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