Private water wells provide an estimated 40 million households with water in the United States and an estimated 500,000 in Minnesota. While private wells do provide affordable and clean water, experts agree they should be inspected annually to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

The National Ground Water Association in partnership with the Rural Community Assistance Partnership and the United States EPA are announcing a new tool to make water well maintenance easier than ever. has been completely revamped to connect private well owners with resources to keep their well water clean and healthy. provides a digital well owner guide to maintaining your well, resources on how and where to get your well water tested, and how to contact a certified water well contractor in your area!

With growing concerns over PFAS and other emerging contaminants, it has never been more important to properly test and maintain your private water well system. Water testing can identify contaminants in your well water that may be impacting you and your family’s health.

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A certified water well contractor will be able to determine any problems in your water well system and provide guidance and services to keep it operating throughout the year.

So, if you own a private water well, visit and make plans for your annual inspection.

Dave Schulenberg, Cottage Grove, is Executive Director of the Minnesota Water Well Association.