As if living during a pandemic isn't stressful enough, with being so careful to wear a mask, social distance, order food for curbside pickup, to name a few. We take all of these precautions to attempt to remain healthy and safe when there is so much uncertainty everywhere. To think that some people, (who will remain unnamed) think that it is OK or even funny to deliberately cough on someone wearing a mask is unconscionable.

People near and dear to my heart experienced this, twice while using the Paul Bunyan Trail just trying to exercise in a safe and outdoor environment.

It grieves me to see people express a total lack of basic human decency. Willing to threaten and terrorize a complete stranger because they are offended that the stranger is wearing a face mask. We as a society cannot accept behavior like this.

There is so much science supporting the use of masks to stop the spread of COVID-19. Anti maskers cry foul at the prospect of their rights being trampled on because they are told they should wear a mask. What about the rights of people wearing a mask to protect themselves and others? Do we not deserve the right to feel safe while going about our daily lives? You better believe we do.

Deliberately coughing on someone whether wearing a mask or not during the pandemic can be considered the crime of assault. There is no way of knowing if the offender is a carrier of the virus, making the assault all the more terrorizing. If someone has the virus and knowingly and purposefully tries to spread it to someone, they can be prosecuted under federal terrorism laws.

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I urge anyone who has experienced this type of assault to make a police report. We should not let people totally void of empathy or decency make it any harder for us to make our way through this stressful time.