California recently reported its first person under age 18 who died from COVID-19. I want to say first and foremost that any death, especially that of someone who is young, is a very tragic loss and I do not want to minimize that in any way.

At the same time, this was the first person under age 18 who died from COVID in a state that has over 500,000 cases. There are over 500,000 cases and around 10,000 deaths in California, and only one of those people who passed away was a juvenile. Why does no one talk about this?

I checked the site and could not find the deaths in Minnesota by age, which is why I went with the California statistic. In that same time, how many teenagers committed suicide? How many teenagers died of drug overdose? How many teenagers died in car accidents?

Here in Beltrami County we are sitting at zero deaths and yet we have spent months killing our small businesses, closing our schools, canceling all activities and allowing fear to control our lives. It's time to let our kids get back to their lives, go back to school, enjoy sports and activities, spend time with their friends, and have a life again.

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