I seldom read John Eggers’ column since it often includes some liberal slant disguised as truth. However, I read his column (Aug. 1) about Trump’s comments on our education system teaching kids to hate America.

In typical liberal fashion, he dwells on one Trump comment he disagrees with, states his dissenting opinion as fact and ignores all the great parts of his speech. Trump is absolutely right that in some instances our education system has become very anti-American. Liberal arts colleges are the worst. They try to indoctrinate students into a left-wing liberal mindset, convince students to support socialism, and use a “blame America first” mentality. They allow speakers who support socialism and preach the evils of America, but conservatives trying to speak in support of our great country are derailed from appearing.

Free speech is allowed only if it aligns with the colleges’ liberal views. Trump should have said some of our education system teaches students to hate America, because clearly not all of it does, but to suggest it is not prevalent in our education system is, using John Eggers’ words, “a bold face lie.”

John states based on this Trump statement, no one should vote for him. Another example of a pompous liberal who thinks he knows more than us. Don’t think for yourself or weigh all the issues; John will tell us all how to vote. John is suggesting we vote for Biden who clearly is suffering from early stage dementia and hides in his basement, refusing to take any tough questions. A man who’ll get absolutely trampled by China, Russia and Iran in any negotiation. Does this sound like a leader? If he becomes president, his mental health will likely prevent him from serving a full term, so we’ll actually be electing his vice president. Are you suggesting we vote for someone who hasn’t even been identified yet? Based on Biden’s list, it looks like we’ll get someone who wants America to turn to socialism, to defund the police, to not enforce our borders and not protect American citizens. Someone who wants more government control of our lives. In other words, someone who hates the way America is today. We are not a perfect country, but we are way ahead of whoever is second best, and we can all make up our own minds on how we vote. Now I remember why I seldom read John Eggers’ column.

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