In the 12 signs of fascism displayed at the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C., one conspicious symptom is the emergence of a leader intolerant of criticism who threatens free speech. Trump's employment of stormtroopers to stifle free expression and distract from his enormous failings as a leader is the latest manifestation of this. In fact, if you go to the website of the Holocaust museum you will find that every one of those 12 symptoms accurately reflect what is occurring in America today as a result of Trump's policies.

I am not alone in calling attention to these policies and their deleterious effect on the environment, on our democracy, on the justice system, on our standing in the world, on our health, and on our government which has been suborned by Trump for his own personal aggrandisement.

The writer of a recent letter attempts, with a supercilious and self-satisfied smirk, to dismiss these concerns that in many instances involve matters of life and death, by reducing my and -- by implication -- everyone else's criticism of Trump to the level of an amusing personal pique, without substance or warrant. The writer's evident indifference to the way Trump threatens our democracy and our very lives defies analysis.

The "Trump bashers" -- as this writer dismissively calls them -- include doctors, nurses, scientists, former members of the Justice Department, generals and statesmen appalled by the wreck Trump is making of this country, legions of Republicans who have left a party they no longer recognize, and the clergy of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. I am proud to stand with these “Trump bashers.”

We have more cases per capita of coronavirus than any other country and one-fifth of the world's deaths. Our hospital workers still lack protective equipment, our testing for the virus is delayed for days and even weeks, our ICUs are filled to overflowing and there is no end in sight. All of this deliberately results from Trump's policies. If this is not evil, what is? The writer's implicit defense of this man and his policies is self-stigmatizing. If he ever awakens to the full truth of his error, I can only feel sorrow for the self-reproach which will surely overwhelm him. Before that occurs, however, let me thank him for quoting portions of my letter that have been confirmed and validated by the most credible and respected journalists and political commentators in this country.