It’s simple. Wear a mask to help control the spread of a virus. Stop politicizing the issue. I wear one because I care about you and your family, even if I don’t like you.

Why can’t you do the same for me?

It prevents spread by those who are infected, not from you getting it. Even if wearing one reduces the risk of transmission by 20%, why not do it? It’s like asking a passenger in your vehicle to buckle their seatbelt -- you might not get in an accident but if you do, you know that they will be safer should one occur.

Your selfishness could affect the lives of other people, which I’m now starting to see happen to those I personally know. It pains me.

When did we stop believing in scientific studies and the scientific method? People sacrifice years of their lives to learn specific terminology and understand the scientific method to make the lives of the common people better. Those people then perform the act of refining and adjusting theories and tests in a controlled environment until a satisfactory result is yielded.

The devices you hold in your hand. Years of science.

The vehicles you drive. Years of accumulated trial and error culminating a more fuel efficient and practical vehicle. Science.

Vaccines, firearms, medications, plastics, comfortable beds -- all science.

It feels like everyone has forgotten this and has gone on to believe whatever half-baked meme or YouTuber has to offer on the subject.

It’s not just happening in America. Stop being so nationalistic. It might feel like your rights are being infringed on, but that’s what sacrifice sometimes feels like.

Why do you usually adhere to speed limits?

Because too many people died and someone said, “Hey, maybe if we suggested that people go slower, fewer people will die?” And it worked. Wow, weird how that worked, right?

Why do you follow the directions while administering medication to yourself or your children?

Because clinical trials were conducted and a guideline was established based on what worked.

Or who knows, I could just be wrong and the New World Order is somehow finally taking over by requiring you to cover your face?