This past week “Almanac” on Twin Cities Public Television had guests on to talk about the Line 3 Replacement Project. One was a lawyer representing opponents of the project. One of his largest arguments was that the new Line 3 will carry more oil, and the opposition doesn’t think the demand for oil will rebound.

I find this hard to believe. Yes, people have been stuck quarantining currently because of a deadly virus, but life must and will go on. There will come a point when people are going to have to go back to work and school, and the public will continue on with their lives.

While oil consumption may be down because of this temporary situation, it will immediately spike back up to where it was. Pre-COVID people were traveling more and enjoying life more than ever, and I doubt that will stop in the long run.

Our society cannot just drop oil. One day we may be able to do it, but this will be a gradual process, not something that happens overnight. You cannot just erase the most reliable form of energy (petroleum) and switch to forms of energy that are weather-dependent. The attorney also claimed that Minnesota refineries don’t need any more oil. If that was true, why are our railways filled with oil cars?

Gov. Walz has the power to make the continued delays about Line 3 go away. He can tell his agencies to approve permits and get construction started.

He needs to understand that we will need this oil, and the pipeline will create jobs for the people of his state. He can be pro green energy and pro oil at the same time because without oil we won’t be able to make a transition to this green energy economy that the activists desire so much. Minnesota needs this project, Governor Walz. Please help get it approved.