There are a lot of voices connected to the Line 3 replacement project. There are two newer voices on the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission who said something important, and let’s hope the person who appointed them listens to what they have said.

Public Utilities Commissioner Valerie Means recently said about the Line 3 replacement project, “I have reviewed the entire record and the motions and related materials and consider the arguments of the parties based on an application of the reconsideration standard to the facts and this record the motions to reconsider it should be denied...”

Commissioner Means was recently appointed to the PUC by Gov. Tim Walz. She has now been joined by Commissioner Joseph Sullivan who was also recently appointed to the PUC by Gov. Walz.

Sullivan also voted to uphold the PUC’s decision to move forward with Line 3.

The bigger question is why is it that the governor and other state agencies do not agree with moving forward with the Line 3 project?

The Line 3 replacement project is 100% privately funded by Enbridge and will bring thousands of good paying union jobs to northern Minnesota. This project has also been the most studied infrastructure project in Minnesota's history. It has also been proven over and over that Minnesota will need the oil this pipeline will provide and that this project is necessary.

Simply put, it is time for Gov. Walz to listen to the experts he has appointed and follow their lead. The Line 3 replacement project has been politicized for more than five years and it is time the simple facts are considered when Gov. Walz makes the important decision.

Minnesota needs this pipeline, we need the oil, it will be safer than the old one, and it will put thousands of Minnesotans to work. Governor Walz, please listen to the people you have appointed. We need to restart our state's economy and it is time to build Line 3.