I attended the Farm to Families food distribution for the first time on July 8. Not knowing what to expect, I was amazed at the amount of cars and just want to express my appreciation for all the volunteers. They stayed out in the hot sun, lifting heavy boxes and directing traffic with generosity and efficiency. Thank you for your effort and care.

It was great to see the people in Bemidji's heart to serve.

In future years, it would be amazing to purchase and deliver in-season produce and products from more local farmers. I assume there is a lot of red tape involved, but perhaps as a community we could raise awareness and effort toward reducing product packaging and truly directing funds to help smaller businesses. The government had a great idea (food grant), but I believe it will take local people's initiative to provide the heart and creativity to fulfill the true potential of the program- providing affordable, fresh food while supporting small businesses and local farms.

Thank you, again, Bemidji, for caring, sharing, and striving for a community that we can be proud to call home.