Only the most emphatic terms can express the evil in the Trump administration. Yes evil -- as virulent as the virus that is killing Americans on account of Trump's policies and as malevolent as the bigotry he incites as he walks over the corpses of both his supporters and opponents in his quest for power. His is a neo-fascist movement as heinous and far-reaching in its potential for mass atrocities -- which are now daily occurring -- as those which took place during the Trail of Tears under Andrew Jackson or the Confederacy under Jefferson Davis. Nor should we forget, as Americans unconscionably seem to do when it comes to the history of our moral failures as a nation and a people, that 1,000 children have been separated from their parents -- many of them toddlers or even younger -- and that the suffering we imposed on them will linger indelibly. How long, moreover, will it take before we also forget Trump's willful denial of and indifference to the fact that Russia placed bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan?

Trump's repudiation of climate science is already manifesting itself in ecological aberrations inimical to human survival throughout the globe.This is a gradual but relentless process and therefore not convincing to the willfully ignorant. The rejection of medical science, however, is yielding results that have immediately led to untold numbers of deaths involving virtually every family in this country. As the cases of COVID-19 increase astronomically, Trump tells us that 99% of the infected experience no untoward symptoms. This is more than a lie. It is tantamount to issuing a death warrant on untold numbers of Americans. Combined with his denial of the pandemic from day one, this is a crime against humanity.

When one adds to this Trump's use of a supposedly presidential, but actually partisan, event at Mount Rushmore to further divide our country and imperil the health of his credulous followers, only one conclusion can be drawn. America is in the hands of a man so desperate to win re-election that nothing will stop him from subverting whatever integrity is left in this Republic and whatever authority still resides in our Constitution. His behaviour is treasonous to the nation and to the human race whom -- in his lack of empathy, humanity, veracity, and compunction -- he has long ago abandoned. We are, indeed, in dire straits.