When the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission was asked to reconsider their approval of the Line 3 replacement, they confirmed that they were going to stick with their original decision, yet again.

The fact that the PUC has to keep reconfirming this decision is illogical. It shows that the governor has no respect for his state departments and will allow delays to a project that keeps getting approved.

We understand that our governor doesn’t listen to the people outside of St. Paul and Minneapolis (as he seems more swayed by those pushing his buttons behind the scenes), but the fact that the PUC’s multiple approvals aren’t enough for him is baffling.

Upon the decision to not reconsider their approval, Katie Sieben, the chair of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commissioner had this to say.

“This new pipe is replacing a pipe that was in the ground or in some cases now above ground for over 40 years. The existing Line 3 is still operating despite its terrible condition. There's a federal consent decree ordering Enbridge to seek replacement of the existing Line 3. Further, this infrastructure project will come with important protection that the commission negotiated with Enbridge in previous proceedings.”

Not only is this project the safest way to deliver oil, it will also put thousands of Minnesota union laborers to work and bring billions of privately invested dollars into our economy. It will put money in the pockets of businesses across northern Minnesota. Most importantly, it will ensure that we have a safe and reliable flow of petroleum coming into Minnesota.

We need Line 3, Gov. Walz. Listen to your PUC and push forward with construction of the new Line 3; it is what is best for our state.