We have had zero deaths by COVID-19 in Beltrami County, yet our Democratic governor will not let us return to normal.

Two months ago, $1.9 billion in federal CARES/COVID relief was sent to our state. About 45% of that was meant for counties and cities. Has our county seen a nickel? No. Our Democratic-majority House is playing politics, and we in rural Minnesota are getting the short end. Gov. Walz has said greater Minnesota is just “rocks and cows.” Is there any concern?

Hard to miss what is happening in Minneapolis. As riots continue and most every sign on every business displays profane messages directed at the police. Who is going to feel safe traveling there for a Twins game? A concert? A weekend in the city? I guess we cannot do that anymore, either, thanks to the likes of Democrat Gov. Walz, Democrat Minneapolis Mayor Frey and their liberal City Council.

Did you see the 1,800-page, $3 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill (HEROES Act)? The one that Democrat Pelosi passed in the House, with the support of our very own Collin Peterson (who pretends to be conservative).

Guess what? Our tax dollars were headed in there. Federal funding for abortions, removing the work requirement for food stamps, protection against deporting immigrants, tax relief for wealthy blue states and mandatory mail-in voting, to name just a handful.

Who is fighting for us? Well, not Sen. Klobuchar, not Rep. Peterson, not Gov. Walz. Only Republicans are even putting up a fight. We must stop this insanity. Elections have consequences, and we are suffering dearly for electing Democrats.