Alexander Nadesan’s commentary (May 20) supporting funding for the World Health Organization was long on words but short on relevance. He stated my letter supporting defunding WHO was not based on facts and not accurate. My letter was 100% accurate and completely based on facts, and he negated none of them.

Nadesan stated WHO’s responsibilities are to “maintain universal public health, respond to world emergencies, and promote international health.” Seems like they failed on all three of these responsibilities. Not only through mistakes, but by fraudulently supporting China. He states WHO couldn’t do anything about China’s claims because China is a sovereign nation. Baloney. They knew China was lying and could have asked other nations to step in and offer independent verification. Instead, they supported China’s coverup and propaganda, resulting in a pandemic that has sickened millions, killed thousands, and wrought world-wide economic destruction.

Nadesan states WHO is composed of 194 countries, its 2018 budget was $4.2 billion, and wealthy nations need to help low-income countries. OK, let’s require nothing from the 94 poorest nations and split the budget evenly between the 100 richest nations. That comes to $42 million each, so why is the U.S. paying nearly 10 times that amount? Why is China, the second largest economy, paying one-tenth of what the U.S. is paying? He’s right, most European countries don’t support our views; that’s because they want to fund WHO with U.S. taxpayer money, not their own. None of them have increased their contributions.

Nadesan states WHO has done a fantastic job in helping eradicate malaria, smallpox, polio, ebola and tuberculosis. So what? Most of this was 40 to 80 years ago and has nothing to do with its incompetent and fraudulent actions of today. If you funded a non-profit organization in Bemidji that did an admirable job 50 years ago, but then embezzled all of its donations today, would you still contribute to them? Of course not.

Trump did the right thing. WHO has 30 days to clean up its act or permanently lose U.S. taxpayer funding. If a worldwide pandemic is what we get for our dollars, we’re better off directing that funding elsewhere. So if Mr. Nadesan still believes WHO fulfilled its responsibility and did not act fraudulently, well then, I have some “ocean-front” property in Bemidji I would like to sell him. It has a beautiful view of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.