When President Trump got elected he said he was going to have the smartest, educated cabinet ever. But most of them left him because they didn’t like his policies, so I have to agree he was telling the truth and didn’t know it.

A few weeks ago he gave himself two degrees; he declared he was a king and a doctor.

He was going to open up the states to get the economy going. He was reminded we are a democracy and not a kingdom. The forefathers had that put in the Constitution. It took a couple days before he realized he lost his kingship. The governors have the power to open or shut down their states.

Then he said if everyone would inject themselves with a household detergent it would cure them. He’s been exposed to COVID-19, but he won’t wear a mask. Without a mask it will help him spread the virus around. Vice President Pence refused to wear a mask at the Mayo Clinic because he wanted to look the doctors and personnel in the eye. I’ve never seen a mask that covers up your eyes.

Unemployment is running high. The states are going to have to open gradually as there are quite a few hot spots around. But President Trump and cronies think it should open faster so he can campaign, which is more important than deaths.

In my opinion, Trump and his party are more interested in the election than a few hundreds of deaths. He also lost his doctor’s degree.