Nothing is going to make opponents of the Line 3 replacement project happy.

Time and time again they come out with some new lawsuit or reason why Line 3 should not be rebuilt. The opposition would not care if the state did 10,000 different models that all said that Line 3 is safe; they would still find reason to oppose the project.

Minnesotans understand that we need Line 3. They know that petroleum is currently the only reliable source of energy that we have easy access to. Without petroleum, our society would not be able to function. Other sources of energy are not reliable. As a matter of fact, the only other reliable sources of energy are nuclear and coal power, but those have been deemed unsafe by those who claim to know better.

Minnesota needs Line 3. People who care about Minnesota, our environment, and the economy know we need Line 3. Everything in modern society uses petroleum products in some way; homes, vehicles, clothing, and food. It all requires petroleum to function. Deciding to not build something that would enable Minnesota to have that reliable source of energy in the safest way is absolute insanity. We need to build Line 3, and we need to start construction as soon as possible.