I would like Beltrami County residents to understand where their money is going. Twenty years ago a road project was approved to pave County Road 57 (at that time it was not a county road, but the county changed it to that designation).

Now they have decided to pave it to include all codes with pedestrian and bicycle paths on each side. People who lived on the road approved a paving project in the year 2000. I do not know if they expected this outcome now.

This road will be quite wide; taking out numerous trees and filling in wetlands. This road could have been paved in a simple way -- just paving what already exists, if it had not been given the country designation. However, if you’d like to bike along this road and don’t live here, you would have to bike along a highway (County Road 20) without shoulders, and this road is minimally used.

Is this really a good use of our money? Why can the county arbitrarily fill wetlands? Although the gravel company a few miles up the road might think it’s a good plan.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my dismay to so much that is lost for so little that will be gained.