This time of year is when Midwesterners start going to resorts all around Minnesota. With the state in lockdown, many of these resorts are going to miss their big money-making seasons. These resorts rely on spring and summer to make a lot of their money. The COVID-19 restrictions are already hurting these important businesses – potentially forcing many to have to close.

One thing that could guarantee millions of dollars being spent in these communities is replacing Line 3. Thousands of laborers are going to need places to stay and eat in northern Minnesota This means all places need to be available like resorts. Not to mention that the money spent to build line 3 will bolster the bank accounts of all businesses in those areas.

Line 3 is the largest and most expensive privately funded infrastructure project in Minnesota history. It will not only help revive our economy, it will help keep businesses afloat in northern Minnesota. We need the Line 3 replacement project to be approved and we need it now.