When former President Barack Obama spoke to incoming President Donald Trump, he said that North Korea posed an imminent danger and was a major threat. North Korea was shooting missiles into the Sea of Japan and their leader Kim Jung Un was boasting about their stockpile of nuclear weapons. Shortly after arriving in office President Trump met with the North Korean dictator. Since then there have been no missiles fired and Kim Jung Un and his boasts about his nuclear are not to be heard. Hmm?

Then Mr. Trump met with the Russian premier, Mr. Putin and apparently discussed the Russian intrusion into Ukraine. Mr. Trump then supplied Javelin missiles to the Ukrainian leaders. There have been no further intrusions by the Russian military. Hmm?

Afghanistan was a hot spot for our military in 2017 and we were in a de facto war of sorts there. Now our troop drawdown is just about complete. Hmm?

In 2008 Mr. Obama inherited an unemployment rate of 10%. When he left office it had dropped to 5%. Good for him and us. Under President Trump the unemployment rate had dropped to 3.3% until the coronavirus hit us. Good for him and us.

As Sgt. Friday once said on the TV series “Just the facts, ma’am.”